Are Old Wives' tales fact or fiction?

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It seems as if some old wives’ tales have truth in them –

Start the day with a good breakfast – yes, everyone today is saying this (see article about breakfasts)

Carrots help you see in the dark – yes, it is proven that Vitamin A is good for eye health, however, there would not be enough beta-carotene (which contains Vitamin A) in one portion – but they should be included in your diet as this can help.

Fish is good for the brain – Omega-3 found in fatty fish helps the brain function, which is an aid.

Bread is good for you – yes, if it is wholegrain or wholemeal as it is a source of Vitamin B, fibre, calcium and energy.

Sunshine makes your bones strong – so although we should be careful when outside, the benefits of sunshine can be an added bonus.

Clean up your plate – yes, it saves wasting food, but not such a good idea if you have had enough – and helps to put on weight.

An apple a day keeps the doctor away – Apples contain antioxidants and pectins, which is a soluble fibre that is effective in lowering cholesterol.

Spinach makes you strong – Popeye had something there, as spinach contains calcium and lots of other goodies which all help to produce red blood cells, etc.

And A little of what you fancy – all experts are agreed that a little – does you good!

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