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Get cancer – and all of a sudden you become an expert Internet surfer.

There is no doubt that Internet Information has improved by leaps and bounds recently, and today there is a lot of very, very useful information available.  Best sites I have found are Cancer Research UK – their latest posting gives helpful information about what to look for if you are an Internet ‘baby’:

And the American websites such as Dana-Farber, MD Anderson, Sloane-Ketting, Mayo Clinic, etc.

These American and Canadian websites are excellent and written in patient-friendly language.  Look up website addresses in the Contacts category – especially the Canadian Cancer Assn’s helpful site on ‘Cancer Myths’ – guaranteed to explain why you don’t need to worry about anything from deodorants to plastic bottles!

Don’t worry about ‘bad’ sites – it is surprising how quickly one develops an understanding of what websites to avoid – but anything that starts with “How I cured cancer by ……. ”  Or “What doctors don’t want you to know……  ”  I avoid!

Happy surfing.

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