Physio works with exercise


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I tend to put Exercise and Physio together.

Both will help enormously in most cases to get you  fit again.                                                                                                           They are both hard physical work!                                                    And often work in tandem.

A number of Chartered Physiotherapists in the UK work in oncology and palliative care.  There are 3 main treatment routes if you are resident in the United Kingdom and wish to see a physiotherapist:

Via the NHS
You will first need to make an appointment with your general practitioner (GP) and then ask to be referred to see a physiotherapist. You can discuss with your GP how you think being referred to a physiotherapist who understands cancer could help you.  Onward referral will be at the discretion of the GP. Contact your GP or NHS Direct

Via private practitioners
If you are in a position to pay for your own treatment, there are a large number of physiotherapists across the UK offering treatment in dedicated physiotherapy and sports injury clinics as well as many who will treat people in their own homes. To find a local private practitioner within the UK use the physio2u directory ( The physiotherapy practitioners listed there give details of their areas of practice. You can assess their understanding of cancer when you enquire about treatment.

The Organisation of Chartered Physiotherapists in Private Practice (OCPPP), an occupational group of the CSP for private practitioners, also have a listing service of private practitioners working in the UK: see the OCPPP website ( for further details. You can specify the area of practice required when you do your search. You can assess their understanding of cancer when you enquire about treatment.

Via the independent sector
Occupational health schemes
Some large employers run occupational health schemes for their employees that may include provision for physiotherapy treatment. Check with your human resources or personnel function to see if you may be eligible.

Private medical insurance
Private medical insurance schemes for individuals through the independent healthcare sector will often include physiotherapy treatment. Check with the scheme providers for eligibility and to ask whether they can provide a physiotherapist with an understanding of cancer.

It is also possible to access physiotherapy treatment through less common routes such as charities and the voluntary sector. If you do wish to see a physiotherapist for private treatment, make sure they are chartered.

Get working with a Physio -I found they were tremendously helpful.

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